Please note that we are closed for summer holidays between july 20th and august 11th.

24-hour urine collection

1 On the day of collection, discard the first urine of the morning (upon waking) into the toilet. Note the time on the container label: this is the zero (0) time of your 24-hour collection.

2 Next, collect and store in the container all other samples from the day, evening, night, and the following morning’s first urine. This marks the end of the collection, or the 24-hour time point of your collection. Note the time on the container label.

3 If you miss a single collection during the 24-hour period, it will invalidate the result. You must start fresh the next morning. Thoroughly rinse your container and let it dry before beginning another collection. If there was a preservative liquid in your container when you started your collection, you must come to the clinic to get a new container with preservative.

4 Note: Do not collect from Friday to Saturday or from Saturday to Sunday as the offices are closed on weekends to receive your sample (also be aware of the rare but occasional holidays on Friday and Monday).