List of Our Services

We perform 98% of the requested blood tests. There are a few rare exceptions, and we will notify you immediately if this is the case.

Urine Analysis (without culture)

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Urine Drug Screening

This test must be done on-site (at the clinic only).

Fit Test (Stool Test)

Do not perform the test if you have bleeding hemorrhoids. Wait at least one week without bleeding before collecting. Inform your doctor during your consultation.

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Ear Cleaning: See instructions

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Throat Culture: Bring your prescription

  • Update your vaccination protection

  • Travel vaccination (vaccine cost extra)

  • You can bring your own vaccine but be careful: you must strictly maintain a cold chain (between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius) during transport to ensure the vaccine is effective and safe. Note that a medical prescription is required to obtain the vaccine from your pharmacy. A medical prescription is not necessary if we provide the vaccine.

For all children under ten years old, we suggest using EMLA cream (5 gram tube). Apply a thin layer of cream to each elbow fold every 10 minutes. Start 50 to 60 minutes before the appointment, so 5 to 6 applications. No dressing is necessary, and the experience will be much easier for your child.🙂

We will provide all the details when you schedule your appointment.

  • Injection for anemia treatment (Vitamin B-12/ Iron)
  • Injection of various medications (intramuscular or subcutaneous).

For hypertension (HTN) monitoring or simply checking your blood pressure (Systole / Diastole / Pulse)

Pricing | Cash or Debit

Example: TSH or CBC or INR or Lipids (Cholesterol), etc… $35

Annual check-up. $40-45

(If urine sample: +$5)


  • $15 Urine sample only, without blood draw

  • $10 Fit test (stool), without blood draw

  • $20 *24-hour urine collection

  • $20 *Urine cytologies (x 3)

We will also provide you with the samples and specific instructions for each of these tests.


  • Pregnancy screening 13 weeks - duration 10 minutes
  • Pregnancy screening 26 weeks - duration 60 or 120 minutes
  • Hyperglycemia - duration 120 minutes
  • STD screening
  • Hormonal screening
  • Drug screening

Ear Cleaning: See instructions

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Throat Culture: Bring your prescription

Annual flu vaccination (mid-November to end of January)*$20

Travel vaccination (no prescription required)
Vaccine cost extra. $25